Environmental Results of the Gold Rush: KGO-TV Story

KGO-TV Reporter Laura Anthony produced a 2-part series on mining history and toxic legacy. Among those interviewed are The Sierra Fund Executive Director Elizabeth Martin,

Mining's Toxic Legacy Report from the Sierra Fund

The Sierra Fund released Mining's Toxic Legacy: An Initiative to Address Mining Toxins in the Sierra Nevada yesterday, a report nearly two years in development.

Mercury's gold rush legacy may be worse than thought

Many area residents know that the miners of the Gold Rush unleashed a toxic legacy on the region in the form of millions of pounds

Publication tells stories of California conservation heroes

Everyday Heroes Protect the Air We Breathe, the Water We Drink, and the Natural Areas We Prize The law which gives ordinary people the ability

Sierra Day at the Capitol June 5th!

For all of you who love and care about the Sierra, this is your chance to take a stance on the state level! This year's

Sierra Nevada Alliance Annual Conference

Mark you calendars!  "Sustainable Sierra" is this year's theme at the 14th annual Sierra Nevada Alliance Conference.  Sustainability holds many meanings for different people and

Mining Toxics Intiative: Research, Coordinators, & Resolution

A Mining Toxics Initiative, funded by the CA Endowment, has hired 3 regional coordinators. The plan is to conduct a Sierra-wide assessment of the human

NPR Gold Story Takes Same Old Frame: Jobs vs. Environment

This summer Alex Chadwick of NPR's Day to Day covered the possible re-opening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine in Nevada City in a story that outlined

Mining Toxics Initiative Funded by CA Endowment

The Mining Toxics Initiative will lay the groundwork for development and implementation of a comprehensive plan to remediate environmental problems, develop health interventions to reduce

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