Producer's Journal: Salmon are back again in the Yuba River, but how many will return?

I spent a few hours in a raft yesterday with a smile on my face, put there by a fish. It was a big smile

Saving the Mokelumne River for Future Generations

[Story by Matt Brown in Lodi News-Sentinel forwarded by the Foothill Conservancy]Pete Bell has been exploring and protecting the Mokelumne River for a quarter century.

Sierra Day at the Capitol June 5th!

For all of you who love and care about the Sierra, this is your chance to take a stance on the state level! This year's

Sierra Nevada Alliance Annual Conference

Mark you calendars!  "Sustainable Sierra" is this year's theme at the 14th annual Sierra Nevada Alliance Conference.  Sustainability holds many meanings for different people and

SMUD Dams on American River Face Changes

According to the Sacramento Bee's article, SMUD dams face changes , the U.S. Forest Service is demanding major changes at American River dams owned by

Bringing Salmon Back up the San Joaquin River

This LA Times story reports the historic settlement that will result in the most ambitious restoration project in CA river history. Registration required to read,

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