Rural Culture

UC Davis digital project makes case for rural way of life

Read about a new rural community media project, in the spirit and tradition of Saving The Sierra!   This project is done through the new

Obama's Agenda for Rural America

From the new website: "Rural communities face numerous challenges but also economic opportunities unlike anything we have witnessed in modern history. President Obama and

Sierra Speakers Series on iTunesU

Sierra College has posted podcasts of speakers from the Interdisciplinary 6 course "The Sierra Nevada," which examines the breathtaking mountain range that the famous naturalist

Mule Powered Farming for Small Farm Progress Days

To celebrate Small Farm Progress Days going on right now in the northern Sierra, we bring you the story of a Sierra farmer who saves

Listening to Eastside Stories

Some of the most colorful stories in the history of the American West were written in the landscape known as the Eastern Sierra. Yet only the smallest

Producer's Journal: Words of Wisdom from Sierra Solutions 2008

Today in opening comments at the Sierra Solutions conference, the founding president of the Sierra Business Council, Lucy Blake, spoke with pride about the evolution

The Sierra's Enduring Gold

It comes fast. Look out your window this week, and you'll notice: Summer's leaves have lost their luster, and lawns are looking wan. That bit

Sierra Fire Season Has Begun

I've been a volunteer at my local fire department since the mid-90s. I was very active for about 7 years and now find myself on

Producer's Journal: Conversation between a city planner and a radio documentary producer

I received an extensive email from a city planner who'd listened to Saving The Sierra's documentary. He took the time to communicate his points of

Producer's Journal: When the documentary is done, the conversation has just begun

Saving The Sierra: Grassroots Solutions for Sustaining Rural Communities is a 54-minute radio documentary that took more than 2 years to create. And yet, on

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