UC Davis digital project makes case for rural way of life

Read about a new rural community media project, in the spirit and tradition of Saving The Sierra!   This project is done through the new

Superior Court Judge Upholds Conservation Easement On Protected Linden Lea Ranch In Nevada County

In a final ruling, Judge Robert Tamietti in the Nevada County and California State Superior Court has decided in favor of Nevada County Land Trust

Harvest Time at Loma Rica Ranch

The end of summer is the most wonderful time at the Loma Rica Ranch Organic Farm. Months of careful tending have culminated in acres of

Cooperative Extension Uses STS Stories for Outreach

Holly George is using Saving The Sierra’s webstories to build interest in doing a digital storytelling project with cattle ranchers in the Sierra Valley, a

Conservation/Media Panel at Sierra College Identifies Key Issues to Sierra Future

Earlier this month, Saving The Sierra was invited to address "The Future of the Sierra Nevada" at the spring lecture series on this magnificent mountain

Producer's Journal: Conversation between a city planner and a radio documentary producer

I received an extensive email from a city planner who'd listened to Saving The Sierra's documentary. He took the time to communicate his points of

A Word From the Ranching Community

It's been an uplifting but hectic week. Our hour-long documentary special Saving the Sierra: Grassroots Solutions for Sustaining Rural Communities is playing in 12 states

A New Way of Farming – Utilizing Symbiotic Relationships

For a while my wife and I were living on Table Mountain in Oroville.  We were commuting to Chico State for school.  After leaving my

Publication tells stories of California conservation heroes

Everyday Heroes Protect the Air We Breathe, the Water We Drink, and the Natural Areas We Prize The law which gives ordinary people the ability

Martis land in public hands

David Bunker of the Sierra Sun writes about the acquisition of Waddle Ranch as public land and its preservation as open space. The verdant meadows

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