Ron Gould

My involvement started out because I have a love for the Sierra. My folks took me backpacking at a very young age and I haven’t stopped since then.


Rose Wood

(Rose Wood chose this image of smudge and sage to represent her story.) Meeks Bay is the most beautiful, healing, wonderful place to connect with nature and with spirit. The water, the trees, the air and the ground is sacred.

Learn more about the Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada.

Lake Tahoe

Sarah Pender

Conservation is believing in some limit that is way, way, way below a 10,000 square foot tract home.

El Dorado Co.

Scott Kruse

Conservation means sustainable natural ecosystems, strong local economies, broad-based public involvement, and rational water use.

Wikipedia on the precautionary principle.


Seana Doherty

When you're high in the mountains, it's just mountains, whereas in the Sierra Valley it's the human mixed with the environment. I guess it's just maturity--I still love both places and go to both places a lot.


Stephanie Lorensen

The children at summer camp at the Burton Ranch are learning to appreciate the air, the trees, the birds, and what's in the pond. And after they spend a couple weeks out here, they are beginning to become the future of the Sierra.

Learn more about the Nevada County Land Trust.

Nevada City

Stephen Lindgren

Conservation means preserving things for future generations so they can enjoy it the way I've been able to.

Kings Beach

Sue Finlay

We ended up going way, way high up and found this beautiful meadow full of flowers and had a little stream running through it. And one of my first thoughts was about all the people that were sitting on their tail ends and had never seen something like that.

San Juan Ridge

Terri Gallion

No matter where you look in the Kern River Valley, no matter where you turn, you could put a finger down and there would be worlds to discover…there is such diversity and such beauty there.

Kern River

Terry Rice

Conservation to me means stewardship of the property that we have. The Sierra Nevada is a resource but also something given us, I think, by a higher power to protect. I think one of the biggest problems we have is the power demand that the new growth has put on the county.