Hans Holtz

One thing I’m proud to be involved in is a community supper. Every Wednesday night at the Methodist church people get together for food and fellowship. Everybody gets a chance to help somebody and that’s really what it's all about--getting together and helping everybody and being a part of this environment. The more you give, the more you get.


Hayne Brousseau

I think it was the first time I went to a forest and just sat. I tend to get sucked into normal society. Everything's connected, you have to remember that.

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Yuba River

Holly Britton

I don’t think people that come up here wanting modern conveniences and luxuries purposely hurt the Sierra Nevada. But I do believe that they, out of naiveté or ignorance, create development in such a way that they take away from our long-term enjoyment of the Sierra Nevada.


Howard & Laurel Hendrix

Every summer with my brother Jay I went up and hiked in the Sierras. Laurel and I have kept doing that since we got married in 1985.

Shaver Lake

Jennifer Fenton

I saw that the riparian area below the east crest of the mountains was starting to die off. I didn't know anything about anything really. I started my practice with Save Round Valley Alliance.

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Jim Ricker

Trails put people in touch with the land. If you don’t have a good trail people are going to make their own trails. And we need to have plenty of good trails so we can disperse the use.

Dutch Flat

Joan Clayburgh

Even in the best-case scenario, we’re going to lose 25-40% of our snow pack in the next 25 to 40 years. There’s all these changes that are going to happen even when we get our act together.

So. Lake Tahoe

Joanne Neft

Excerpt from her acceptance speech as 2006 Placer Land Trust Conservator of the Year: We know that at least 25 generations of Native Americans sustained themselves right here in Placer County prior to the discovery of gold. And since then seven or eight more generations have worked the land. We . . . are indebted to preserve the land, as land.


Joe Beatty

Taboose Pass is about 10,400 feet above sea level and we walked up 8 miles. You gain a mile in elevation; it is very dry and desert-y and hot. When you get to the top you look over and it’s this huge valley with a stream running down it with different kinds of sage and flowers.

Mt. Whitney

Joe Medeiros

Camping on the Merced River in the foothills near Snelling with a bunch of boy scouts and a campfire and watching the sky and the stars and that whole feeling of wildness, it really inspired me. All summer it was some boy scout camp in the high Sierra.