Lynn McKechnie

Conservation is a process of trying to find a way to maintain all the natural values of the Sierra, plus making it a sustainable economy and lifestyle that also maintains the values, beauty, and natural splendor of the region.


Marilyn Jasper

We’re trying to save Clover Valley because it is the last pristine place in the foothills. It’s in Placer County, near the city of Rocklin, surrounded by sprawl. Learn more about the Clover Valley Foundation.  


Mary Canada

A small group of residents got together to promote land exchange as a viable approach to resolving community issues in Inyo County. It's called Cal X - Citizen Advocates for Land Exchange. It is relatively easy to have your voice heard in the small communities of the Eastern Sierra if you can be persuaded to take the time.


Mary Jane Genochio

I am absolutely amazed with how much more human I feel, how much more in touch with other people.

Calaveras Co.

Merlyn Storm

Sustainability means that we look long and hard at how we use our resources. What kind of car do you have? What kind of house to you live in? What utilities are you using? What is the safest and best possible way?


Learn more about Ebbets Pass Forest Watch and The Foothill Collaborative for Sustainability

Douglas Flat

Michele Baslock

It’s a change on the inside of myself when I go into nature and into the things that God created instead of the things that man created.


Myrna Berry

I was a firefighter when I was younger for about five years. I felt like a superhero putting the fire out and it was very black and white. Nowadays conservation is a muddled field of what we do is good, and maybe we do too much good. Maybe we log too much, maybe not enough. It’s hard, just like politics, to come to a middle ground.


Nancy Neville

I lost my son eleven years ago. What helped me heal was my hiking and running in the Sierra. I'd get up in the morning and that was the constant--these mountains, these trees. It was a tremendous healing blanket for me.

Twain Harte

Nikki Riley

I'm a planning commissioner for the town of Truckee and have served on the commission for four years. When you show up and make your voice heard and your face seen, you really can be about change.


Pamela Jean Payen

Working with the landscape in the cattle business, that is conservation to me in this day and age. If we weren’t ranching the land it would be condominiums.

Sierra Valley