Dennis Pottenger

We can restore Hetch Hetchy to it’s once wild state. The only way to do that is to cooperate. It is a very sweeping issue that has a very simple component and that is each of us, paying attention, caring, reaching out and forming partnerships and relationships with others.


Elisabeth L. Virgo

Just sitting today in silence and listening to the wind rustle through the grass was an extremely liberating experience. To be out in nature and feel really connected to it. It was great to feel like an eight year old again and go play in the water and see dragonflies.

Nevada City

Emily Berry

We went over the American River at the confluence and I fell in love with it. I got involved doing stewardship with the American River Conservancy. And that's how I learned about the history of the Sierra Nevada.

American River

Eric Taylor

Collaboration is about people willingly working together to bring about positive change. We’re about empowering people to begin to do the things they are capable of and interested in, where their passion lies and where they can do something positive for the world.

Learn more about the Foothill Collaborative for Sustainability


Frank DeCourten

Conservation groups in San Francisco value the Sierra, but for those who live and make a living in the small Sierra towns, the conservation ethic is a little bit different. It's more of a hands-on, grassroots kind of effort.

Learn more about Truckee River Days .


Gabe Ward

My family of over 50 people have been camping at Lake Tahoe for over four generations. As a child when we went to Tahoe we would always bring home water to drink because it was so pure and so good.

Lake Tahoe

Gary Noy

Conservation is a process of trying to find a way to maintain all the natural values of the Sierra, plus making it a sustainable economy and lifestyle that also maintains the values, beauty and natural splendor of the region.Explore the Sierra Nevada Virtual Museum , a project of the Center For Sierra Nevada Studies at Sierra College. 


Gary Temple

Our approach is to work within the government, whether it’s local, state or federal; is to work with government agencies on a collaborative basis.

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Grass Valley Charter School

A SALMON glides through the murky water showing off its beautiful colors. THE RIVER as we float down the silky strand of blue excitement trickles down our spines. RAFTS drifting down the Yuba River like a turtle with grey floaties on.

(from a poem written after a SYRCL rafting trip to watch salmon spawning)

Yuba River

Grayson Coney

Bear Valley has petroglyphs and milling stations from at least two different cultures who inhabited the valley. The Tsi-Akim Maidu may possibly acquire the valley as PG&E divests its properties.

Nevada City