Chris Langley

We have devoted our time to preserving the cultural history of our area, which happens to be films. You can stand right where John Wayne stood and it looks exactly the same. In a Superman serial in the 1940s our area played the planet Krypton.

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Lone Pine

Chris Velez

Native plants are the ones that naturally grow here in the first place. They've been able to establish a foothold here in our community. When you look at them, you realize they are not very much different than the people.


Chris Welter

Every time we cut a tree it’s to the benefit of the environment and the forest. And we cut a lot of trees.


Cindy Fake

A lot of the people farming did not grow up on farms. Somebody helped them, so they are willing to help other new farmers.


Corinna Mills

Indigenous People's Day started out as a radio show, now it's a 3-day event. It doesn't matter who you are, you're indigenous to somewhere. It's about bringing it all together.

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Grass Valley

Craig Maxwell

You want to do manage the forest in a way that respects the forest and its ecosystem in the process. Have it fit into the mosaic of the forest so that natural fires can function the way they are supposed to without impacting the urban wild land interface, which is where we live.


Dan Macon

From the standpoint of local communities….the closer we are to where our food comes from, the better off we are. And as a farmer, the closer I am to the people that buy my food, the better off I am.

Grass Valley

Dave Bonnot

Conservation to me means to take care of what we have here. To try and figure out where to put growth to preserve ag land, to preserve water, to use water wisely and still retain the reason why we are here in this area—the wildness, the beauty.

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Dave Ferrari

People were walking into the room who hadn't seen each other in 50 years. They talked about how the churches started, how effective were the unions, how the mail was delivered by steamship.

Kings Beach

David Oliver

The You Bet Mine is part of the ancestral Yuba River. You could take one gold pan-worth of soil and you’d get a vial of mercury if you squeezed it enough. Some of these areas are highly contaminated. David is pictured above with Nicole Liette.

Yuba River