Tony Maddalena

The conservation easements are the only tool we have right now if I’m having a bad day and they drive down the road and offer me an offer I can’t refuse. Then you can make your ranch viable and pass it on to the next generation.


Tony Taylor

The 800 acre Montgomery ranch is nestled at the edge of the White Mountains. We acquired development rights for the ranch. That's permanent protection whoever owns the ranch.


Tracy Chimenti

We came back into camp and hung our food up and did the classic no-no . . . A smart bear came in and dropped the food bag and ate all the food, crapped in our camp, and left. We were leaving the next day and all we had was a half a pint of peppermint schnapps and four trout from our fishing trip.


Tracy Rosenthal

No other cabin had experienced hail and rain, thunder and lightening and bears. But through the whole experience our group bonded because we had to rely on each other and I’ve been backpacking ever since.

Camp Tawonga

Wendy Boes

This project is not just a restoration project based on science. People come here and it’s a spiritual experience. It’s a very multi-dimensional project, amazingly supported by the community.

San Juan Ridge

Wendy Olenick

The Burton Homestead is now the Maidu Active Cultural Center. We're bringing back our culture and learning our traditional ways. We run a children's camp and teach Indian ways. Wendy is pictured above with Stephanie Lorensen.

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Nevada City