Bubbling Springs
Bubbling Springs, Soundscape, Mono Lake
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Stereo recording of the calcium-rich cold springs that bubble up from underwater creating the towering tufa formations at Mono Lake. You'll also hear California Gulls in this recording and a pesky fly.
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returning life to pictures

thanks for this, it is a challenge to imagine nature on such scale in the overwhelming cityscape of singapore halfway around the world.

 your project is admirable and important. thank you and keep it up!

 bee hwee

communication studies undergraduate (we are taking a course with professor patricia zimmermann, and all of us have been to your site and we really like it!) 



No need for narration - I can get a sense of Mono Lake purely from this soundscape. I have listen to it several times. Wonderful.

Kevin Guy

Environment Manager, Feral Arts

Brisbane, Australia

Takes you there!

It's a hot summery day here at Mono Lake, and even from here, sitting in Lee Vining overlooking the lake, this recording makes me feel like I'm right there down at the lake floating along in a canoe past this bubbling spring! Thank you! I needed that! -- Arya Degenhardt, Communications Director, Mono Lake Committee

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