Cadie Olsen
Cadie Olsen, Hydrologist, Truckee
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I don’t think very many folks who live in urban areas know that we’re delivering clean, fresh water to them. I’d like to see a connection between the upstream and the downstream in understanding the resource we provide and some money coming back to watersheds that deliver that clean water.
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Useful Phrase

From Forest to faucet--what a great term.  And a handy way to help me draw the connections between places, resources, users, and issues.   It can help me when talking about the importance of stewardship of headwaters when it comes to ensuring clean and abundant water.  Thanks Jim!   


jesikah maria ross, Co-Project Director Saving The Sierra: Voices of Conservtion In Action

Cadie Olsen on Water from the Forests

Cadie hits the nail on the head in calling attention to the critical role of mountain forests in the West in supplying clean water to people and ecosystems.  Water is the most precious resource we have, and it will dominate conservation issues in this century.  People need to understand the link of the forest to the faucet and learn about the need for active stewardship of forest headwaters to protect our water supply.  Forest stewardship is part of the solution for our water future, along with water conservation, infrastructure improvements, and water re-use.  --  Jim Maxwell

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