Truckee Climate Action Network Contact: Beth Ingalls, Director 530.386.3128

For immediate release: January 23, 2009

“Truckee’s Guide to a Smaller Footprint” Will Showcase Local Climate Change Efforts, Encourage Community Participation & Innovation

Truckee, CA - Truckee Climate Action Network (TCAN), in conjunction with Moonshine Ink, is delighted to announce that production has officially begun on “Truckee’s Guide to a Smaller Footprint,” a new project funded by a grant from the Nature Fund at the Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation. Set to be released in time for Earth Day 2009, the guide will be distributed free within the community and will highlight programs which are currently being undertaken by our local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools and businesses to reduce carbon emissions within our Town.

According to Project Manager Beth Ingalls, “This publication will be the first of its kind for Truckee. It will provide residents with the most current information on programs and services in one convenient place.” The guide will also feature an assessment of Truckee’s current carbon footprint and offer useful strategies to help our community move collectively toward a greener future. Through “Truckee’s Guide to a Smaller Footprint”, TCAN hopes to usher in a new spirit of participation, collaboration and innovation as we take on the challenge of climate change. “In addition to getting the information out, we want to inspire the community to action. The challenge of combating climate change requires unified effort and smart solutions. There’s no better place than Truckee for both.”

TCAN fully acknowledges that human induced climate change is a serious threat to our fragile mountain environment, our economy and our very way of life. TCAN also firmly believes that by working together cohesively as a community, we can begin to mitigate our impacts, and become a model for other mountain towns across the west and the perhaps even the nation.

For more information about and submission guidelines for “Truckee’s Guide to a Smaller Footprint” please contact Project Manager Beth Ingalls by email, or by phone at 530.386.3128.


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