Everyone, rural and urban alike, has a reason to care about conservation of California's Sierra Nevada. This magnificent mountain range offers an experience of nature to over 100 million visitors each year. It's also provides 2/3 of every drop of water used in the state. With the population of the Sierra Nevada estimated to triple by 2040, rural life, working landscapes, and community identities are bound to change. Let's talk about how to conserve the environment, economy and culture of the Sierra. And your place, too, wherever you live.

Northern Sierra Partnership Launched with $25M in private funding

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today joined with environmentalists, business leaders and government officials to announce the launch of a public-private partnership between the State of California

Listening to Eastside Stories

Some of the most colorful stories in the history of the American West were written in the landscape known as the Eastern Sierra. Yet only the smallest

Producer's Journal: Continuing the Conversation about Civic Engagement

As part of a wide-ranging panel on Inspiring Civic Engagement at the Sierra Solutions 2008, I spoke about using media for outreach and community building.

Producer's Journal: Words of Wisdom from Sierra Solutions 2008

Today in opening comments at the Sierra Solutions conference, the founding president of the Sierra Business Council, Lucy Blake, spoke with pride about the evolution

Mountain Messenger: How's Business? Not Great.

The Mountain Messenger newspaper is on the streets today detailing the extent of business decline in Nevada City, and the news is shocking.

The Sierra's Enduring Gold

It comes fast. Look out your window this week, and you'll notice: Summer's leaves have lost their luster, and lawns are looking wan. That bit

Producer's Journal: Thanks to Center for Sierra Nevada Studies

Our project partner, the Center for Sierra Nevada Studies at Sierra College has just posted a press release announcing the conclusion of our project (and

Sierra Nevada glaciers - going, going, gone?

Recently, I spent a few days in the field with Greg Stock, geologist for Yosemite National Park, checking on the health of the Lyell glacier,

Climate Change Alters Base of Tahoe Food Web

UC Davis researchers at Lake Tahoe this week published the first evidence that climate change alters the makeup of tiny plant communities called algae, which

Sierra Nevada Resource Conservation and Development Councils Celebrate Collaborative Successes

Today the RCDs in the Sierra Nevada celebrated their recent collaborations with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, totaling $272,252 in community assistance projects. The projects capitalize