Everyone, rural and urban alike, has a reason to care about conservation of California's Sierra Nevada. This magnificent mountain range offers an experience of nature to over 100 million visitors each year. It's also provides 2/3 of every drop of water used in the state. With the population of the Sierra Nevada estimated to triple by 2040, rural life, working landscapes, and community identities are bound to change. Let's talk about how to conserve the environment, economy and culture of the Sierra. And your place, too, wherever you live.

UC Davis digital project makes case for rural way of life

Read about a new rural community media project, in the spirit and tradition of Saving The Sierra!   This project is done through the new

Cooperative Extension Uses STS Stories for Outreach

Holly George is using Saving The Sierra’s webstories to build interest in doing a digital storytelling project with cattle ranchers in the Sierra Valley, a

Producer's Journal: From Distribution to Community Outreach

It's been tremendously exciting for a first time radio documentary producer like me to see how well our hour-long radio special is doing in terms

Extra Credit

My good pal David Manahan taught Environmental Studies courses at Sacramento State over the past few years.  As a big supporter of this project, he

With All This Talk About Water....

Here's another voice to add to the mix.It's an editorial I clipped from about a month ago that cites both the what Governor might do

Rural Ozone: Crops and Country Lungs

I came across this post from our colleagues at Yonder which both surprised and shocked me.  Do you have a sense of the  air pollution

A Word From the Ranching Community

It's been an uplifting but hectic week. Our hour-long documentary special Saving the Sierra: Grassroots Solutions for Sustaining Rural Communities is playing in 12 states

On The Other Side Of The Mic

Ever done an interview? How about one for radio? And in a sound proof studio but by cell phone (not the original plan but the

From 0 to 80 MPH: Becoming A Producer In Record Time

I love radio. Always have.I remember my first time descending to the basement in Freeborn Hall at UC Davis (my sophomore year) to check out

Find Out About All Thing Rural

At long last--a news and information service for all things rural in the US! The Daily Yonder, published through the Center for Rural Strategies, responds