Everyone, rural and urban alike, has a reason to care about conservation of California's Sierra Nevada. This magnificent mountain range offers an experience of nature to over 100 million visitors each year. It's also provides 2/3 of every drop of water used in the state. With the population of the Sierra Nevada estimated to triple by 2040, rural life, working landscapes, and community identities are bound to change. Let's talk about how to conserve the environment, economy and culture of the Sierra. And your place, too, wherever you live.

Vote with Your Fork and other agricultural truffles

I have just discovered a delightful website chronicling the growing agricultural revival. The website is based on telling stories about young farmers through film. They

New Resource for the Sierra: Sierra Nevada Yard & Garden

Just released yesterday, the Sierra Nevada Yard and Garden, a homeowners' guide to landscaping in the Sierra Nevada, gives Sierra residents a comprehensive tool for

Water words that work

I just came back from River Network's national conference, River Rally. A truly reinvigorating experience. And one thing that has really stuck in my mind

Sierra voices need to be heard--send your thoughts to the advisory members of the Statewide Watershed Program

Here is your chance to get your thoughts to representatives on the Statewide Watershed Program advisory committee--the list of members is included and you probably

Holiday on the farm

I just returned from spending the holidays at my grandfather's place, a little gentleman's farm in Maryland. He is selling his place to a developer,